Occupied Party Planning


Need help with your recently formed political party? Having trouble keeping up with your Twitter, Facebook and e-mails due to the fact you have a real job? Or do you just want to host a spectacular event? Let Occupied Party Planning take care of all your social networking and event planning needs. That’s right, we’re the 99% with the time to spare that you don’t.

Why? Because we’re the wildly optimistic twenty somethings who, although incredibly qualified for entry-level, bartending, serving, front of house, personal assistant, and potential panhandling positions, keep hitting a road block. So we believe that while all the other student loan refugees are down protesting on Wall Street, why not make our own careers.

What? We can manage websites, blogs, update social media round the clock, plan high-end events (and even hook you up with a giant screen in midtown for said events), oh yeah, we’ll even grab your Starbucks…. we have no shame.


Hayley Lundquist

Hayley Lundquist: Event Planning, *Concierge Services, Social Media.

Jacob Paul

Jacob Paul: Author, jacoboheme.com, Event Planning, *Concierge Services, Social Media.

Olga Ryrakhovsky

Olga Ryrakhovsky: Event Guru, Hotel Liason, Fluent in Russian (hey now, this may come in handy when you least expect it)

We also have on our team a wonderful array of private chefs and classically trained musicians who are willing to make your events spectacular.

*Concierge Services- we said we’d even grab your Starbucks… again, no shame.

Contact us at occupiedpartyplanning@gmail.com